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How To: Starting Up

Anyone can put on a full tier of gear, slap on a cool weapon and call it a day. In this How To, Ill hopefully give you some insight on where to begin when you start transmogrification.  Before I begin, This guide is tailored more to people who want something a little more interesting and creative. Mixing,matching, and finding gear for a little more creativity is a much larger task given the large amounts of items you can pick from. Lets Begin!

Starting with a Theme

Picking your theme is the best place to start.  It gives you an focus and a limited factor. These will help you from contracting rainbow-clown syndrome, and provide you with ways to focus your search for gear. Finding gear that looks like its on fire, or has a fire pattern will likely be easier than blindly going through all mail gear compiling a list of everything you think looks cool. In all likelihood you will need to go though many items on wowhead or similar anyhow but how to search for gear is another topic completely.  Here is a list of some broad and popular themes:

  • Color, or Color Sceme
  • Matching a:
    • Pet
    • Weapon
    • Armor Piece
    • Npc
  • Unique Models/Colors
  • Other Ideas Such As:
    • Fire, Ice, Earth, ect
    • Animals
    • Monsters
If you have any more feel free to let me know. For those wondering, Full Tier sets are not included since using a full set negates most of the creativity and are as simple as “I like that set, im using it”.  There is the exception, or rather side note, that there will be instances where full tier sets are the only items that fit a particular idea. Or that one more easily fits due to how hard it might be to match anything else. Its likely that you will end up overlapping many if not all of these by the end. Picking one to start off will get you to a quick start.
How to Pick Your Theme
Deciding on a theme might be the hardest or easiest part for a Set of gear to transmogrify into depending on who you are.  If your like me you’ll have some many ideas you can’t even pick.  So many cool ideas it just gets frustrating singling out one.
But fret not, for I have come up with several guidelines for deciding, or at least eliminating potential themes until later.
    •  It will just frustrate you to no end.
  • Start off with a item or piece of gear you already have and pick a part of it to work off of, such as color or set.
  • Like above, but only use the gear you have and make a set using only that, then search for matching gear or gear to fill blank spots.
  • Pick your Favorite Color, Animal, Elemental, ect.
  • Run old Instances and see what gear you end up with.
  • Browse the Auction-house armor/weapon section.
  • Pick the sets of gear or items you like that are easier to obtain.
    • Start with Vendor Loot > Quest Reward > Soloable Bosses > Old Raids > ect Working your way up to content you need 10-25 people for.  Its likely that if your pugging raids that unless your the master looter, someone may want the item as well.
In the end only you can decide what you want and like.  Once you have an idea of what you want finding items to go with it can be a challenge, more so for every slot you dont have an item for.   Then there is the hunt to get said items.
Until next time, when I explain various ways to help your search for gear!

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