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I like the idea of hunters in a robe like outfit.   For those who don’t like the look of the robe, Ive included matching legs and boots. Though this removes a little creativity to a mach up of tier 8  and 5 man sets.  None of the items are class specific so shamans can use this was well, baring the bow of course.

Link to the Set

PS: Yes, i know the bow shows in the images is currently unobtainable.  It matched the best and there are sure to be some people who still have it.  Hopefully old pvp items like this are reinstated for transmog purposes.


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So I finally decided to get all the crazy out of my head and onto the internet. No no no… Not that kind of crazy, I mean the endless amount of ideas for transmogrification coming in 4.3.  While I have my ideal set and its slight variants in mind, I have many more ideas for all my toons from all armor types.

Ill probably start off with my dk and work my way around since Ive been obsessing over that for a while. Move my way down to mail ect.

Im one for short intros and long details so I wont ramble on to long so without further interruption let the blogging begin!

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